National Parks of the United States

The National Parks System is one of the many things that makes America Great. Founded in 1916, the National Park Service (NPS) protects some of the rarest, most awe-inspiring, wonderful bits of land in the world.

It is my goal to get to visit each and every one of the 59 National Parks that make up the system. Currently, I've made it to 25 of them, going back to my first official trip to The Grand Canyon in 2009. Every year I try to get to a couple of new ones, and some older ones, every time you go you see something new, and experience something better.

My Statisitcs

Throughout my many individual visits, I have covered the following milestones:



2 Sunrises

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154.20000000000002 miles


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2 Sunsets

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In addition to the 59 National Parks, there are another 300+ units admiterstrated by the NPS. They encompess Memorials, Monuments, Historic Sites, Lake & Seashores, Battlefields, and others. I would love to visit as many of them as possible, but I am focusing my attention on the best of the best, the Parks.