Microwave Science: Xbox 360

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Microsoft's Xbox 360 is a decent gaming console, i only use it for Halo and Geometry Wars, and it plays both those games perfectly. However, the 360's have a failure rate of alot. Mike's Xbox broke over January, but not an RRoD, just high-def video out, which everyone agrees, renders the Xbox useless. Instead of sending it in to get fixed, and paying an absurd amount of money, he decided to let me microwave it.

We determined that we would get the best video of what was happening if we took apart the Xbox, also, it wouldn't fit in my microwave all together, so it had to be taken apart anyway!

Mike had already taken apart the 360 once before to try and see if he could fix it, but failed, when I put it back together to bring home, i only put like 5 screws in to hold it together. We debated as to how to put it in the microwave, weather on foam, cardboard, plastic, or just the bottom of the microwave. We first tried foam, but that absorbed too much of the microwave energy and nothing happened, so we then put it on the plastic back of the Dell LCD screen.
We were determined to microwave the Xbox 360's motherboard until something happened. And, after about 12 minutes of it, something did happen, my microwave broke. Yes, you read that right, the Xbox 360 broke my microwave. We have microwaved all sorts of things, for all sorts of times, and the microwave has kept on working strong after each one, except this...

There are two videos of it, one short one which was from before our camera battery died, and another one shot a few minutes later with a new battery. I edited out allot of the boring parts where nothing happened:
Watch video 1
Watch video 2
The solder holding the main heat sink with the copper heat pipe in it together melted off. If got hot enough to melt off the heat sink This made us sad, because that was a nice looking heat sink, and we were hoping to cannibalize it for something else.

Microwaving the Xbox 360 gave off the worst smelling fumes we have ever experienced. It also produced tons of black smoke, although, that was probably due mostly to the fire. It was a very, very good thing we decided to microwave it outside, otherwise we probably would have had to stop it before anything good happened.

Every so often a capacitor exploded, and flew around the inside of the microwave. In the first video I put a Laser light in there to light it up because the internal one really was broken. Numerous things caught on fire, most of it was fueled by the plastic of the various I/O ports, which as you can see above, all melted.

After over 12 nonstop minutes, the microwave mysteriously turned off. I originally thought we blew the circuit breaker, but after a check, it was clear, the microwave overheated. We let it sit for 20 minutes or so hoping to be able to go back and start it up again but no luck. My microwave has turned into nothing more then a large, dirty, smelly timer. All the damage can be seen on the Damage page. It had a nice long life, I was sad to see it go.