Gates of the Arctic

Noatak River

Over the course of six days, myself and 11 other people paddled over 80 miles down this remove Arctic river. We saw dozens of bears both near and far, and tracks of all sorts of other animals that were much more shy. I made some really good friends on the trip, and I would do it all again. Although, maybe with one less day of kayaking.


The largest land carnivores, bears are some beautifully dangerous animals. Some parks are known for their bear sightings, here are some of my favorite photos of 'em.

Gates by Air

I took two flights over Gates of the Arctic itself. One from the small town of Bettles AK, up a valley and through the mountain peaks. This was a beautiful day, and my first experience with this remote park. A week later, and 82 miles down river from where we originally started we took another flight, this time into the equally as remote, and even less visited Kobuk Valley.

The Arctic