National Parks

Gates of the Arctic

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When you think of National Parks, Yosemite is probably one of the Big 3 that everyone can name. President Lincoln protected the land in 1864, but it didn't become a Park until 1890. It contains North America's highest waterfall - Yosemite Falls, among dozens of other seasonal ones.

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The Grand Tetons

The Grand Teton National Park is just 11 miles south of Yellowstone. It has some spectacular sights, yet it doesn't get nearly as much love as it's larger brother to the north. The Teton Range rises up seemingly right out of the plains and presents you with a striking contrast between the two.

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Petrified Forest

Petrified Forest National Park is located about 200 miles north east of Phoenix Arizona. Inside it contains one of the largest collections of petrified wood on the planet. Some of these logs are gigantic. Some are tiny. Most are broken up into sections. They are all different sizes and colors. Besides the ancient wood, there are some beautiful hills with striped lines indicating the various different geological time frames of the desert.


You'd think you would see lots of wildlife at the National Parks. You would be wrong, wild animals are afraid of humans, so you have to go way out of the way to see them.

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon National Park


Katmai National Park is know for it's famous Bear viewing locations. I didn't go to Brooks Falls, but rather the backcountry. We were there late in the sockeye salmon run, which means that the bear viewing was less, but we still saw some.


Pinnacles National is the 59th National Park, established as a park in January 2013. It's namesake pinnacles are the eroded leftovers of an extinct volcano.

Wrangell-St. Elias

Ben and I spent 6 days in Wrangell-St. Elias National park. Four of those days were backcountry camping with Kennicott Wilderness Guides on Nizina Lake. The other two were buffer days on either end. We spent time exploring the town of McCarthy and the old Kennicott copper mine.

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Mount Rainier

Located in Washington State, Mount Rainier is an active volcano. The National Park which encompasses the mountain contains everything from lush old growth forests, alpine meadows, barren tundra, and glaciated peaks. It's a vast wilderness of beauty.

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The 2nd National Park in the Nation's history, Sequoia is named for the giant trees that grow so dense in the area.

Grand Canyon

Like it's namescape, the Grand Canyon is just too large to include all the photos in one album. Instead it needs a collection of albums

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Skyline Drive

On our way to South Carolina to witness the Total Solar Eclipse, we drove along the Skyline Drive for a few hours. It was mid afternoon, quite hot, and very hazy, that didn't detract too much from the beauty of the trip.

Kenai Fjords

Tidal Glaciers and whales are the hallmarks of Kenai Fjords National Park.

Great Sand Dunes

Colorado has four national Parks, The Great Sand Dunes are one of the lesser popular ones, but that's sad because it's easily one of the more beautiful ones! The massive sand dunes are juxtaposed against even mightier mountains in the distance.

Joshua Tree

Located just 180 miles East of Los Angeles, Joshua Tree is an oasis of the desert. Two different desert environments merge together within the boundaries of this park: The Mojave, and the Colorado. Along the transition zone you can see the plant life change, most prevalent in the namesake trees making up the northern section.

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Virgin Islands

Located on St. John, The Virgin Islands National Park occupies about 2/3 of the entire island.

Bryce Canyon

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Lake Clark

Dick Proenneke made the Lake Clark area of Alaska famous and helped convince Congress to protect. The town of Port Alsworth is the gateway to this once undisturbed wilderness that is still quite wild.

Lake Clark

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Originally protected under the Mukuntuweap National Monument in 1909, the name was changed to Zion in 1919 to better appeal to the public. The park is split into two different sections, with the most prominent feature being Zion Canyon. Some of the most breathtaking views are along the Virgin River and it's red sandstone cliffs.

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The first National Park East of the Mississippi, Acadia lies in North Eastern Maine

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Kobuk Valley

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The South Dakota Badlands, located in the Black Hills region, contains so of the most inhospitable land anywhere. Fast blowing wind, and a super hot sun prevent all but the strongest grasses from growing.

Wind Cave

The first cave to be designated a National Park, Wind Cave is the densest cave system in the world. Wind Cave is not just a cave though, it's rolling hills and prairie, and forest land. Bison roam free, along with prairie dogs and Antelope.


The world's First National Park, Yellowstone encompasss over 2.2 million acres of diverse landscape. Established by President Grant in 1872, Yellowstone has served as guide to the rest of the world on how to preserve the landscape, and renew wildlife.

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Cuyahoga Valley

Ohio's only National Park is Cuyahoga Valley. It's unique among the system in that it is a Superfund site. That's right, at one point in time, this was some of the worst polluted land in the nation. While it's not back to it's original beauty, it's much better than 15 years ago, and it's getting better every passing year.

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain National Park protects slightly more than a quarter of a million acres of land. Hidden, and easy to find are an endless set of breath taking views of mountain tops, meadows, alpine lakes, and wild life. There's really something for everyone in this park. When will you go?

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Saguaro National Park is located right outside Tucson Arizona. It's home to the quintessential cactus of the American West; The Saguaro. The park is split up into two distinct sections, The Tuscon District, and the Rincon Mountain District. The ever growing city of Tucson splits them in two. Each section has it's own distinct views, but the Saguaro grows well in both.

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