Rocky Mountain

Grand Lake

High Alpine Roads

Trail Ridge Road and Old Fall River Road both lead to the same spot, the Alpine Visitor center. Trail Ridge Rd. is paved, road, allowing traffic to move in both directions with relative ease (when Elk aren't blocking the way). Old Fall River Road is the original pass through the mountains. It's a single lane dirt road with many steep switch backs, and ruts. Both of them offer unique views of the mountains and valleys of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rocky Mountain

One of the earlier parks to be established, Rocky Mountain is still one of the more popular ones. It protects slightly more than a quarter of a million acres of land, be it high mountain tops, alpine lakes, tundra, or grassy meadows. You can find a plethora of life, and an endless set of amazing views in this place.

Bear Lake Section

There are a plethora of high altitude lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park. In the Bear Lake section, we hiked to four different ones, on two different days. Bear Lake to Bierstad Lake in the late morning, early afternoon. And Dream Lake to Nymph Lake in the pre-dawn to dawn hours. All four of the lakes are unique, and offered beautiful views.