Grand Canyon

6 days. Average of:

The last remaining part of the Grand Canyon that I haven't seen is the bottom. Over the course of three days, we rafted about 100 miles of the mighty Colorado River. We went through some of the larger rapids on the lower half from our entry point from Bar 10 Ranch.

After a very early morning start, we made our way from Las Vegas Nevada, deep into the heart of Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. We took a bus ride, a plane ride, a helicopter ride, and eventually ended up on a large raft that would be our main mode of transportation for the next three days. After a lengthy introduction to the group, and an overview of the days ahead, we got together and shoved off. It wasn't very long before it was time to stop for lunch. It's crazy how fast the day went by!

Right after our lunch, which consisted of sandwiches and chips, we were back on the water and it seems like we hit our first rapid of the trip! I sat in the front of the boat to get the full experience at least once on this trip. The cold water of the river is quite a difference from the hot summer air we were used to. In fact, I have a feeling this hot air was making me dehydrated as I was not feeling that great overall.

After roughly 12 miles of rafting this first day, we set up camp around 4:30 pm. Camp was whatever we wanted it to be. Because we were on large rafts, we were able to bring tents, and cots, and sleeping bags, and everything. It was quite comfortable. I found a spot along some bushes and set up my cot. I was looking for a clear view of the sky above so that I could set my camera up for a night time-lapse.

Dinner cooked up fast, spaghetti and meatballs with \"fresh\" blueberry pie for dessert. It's amazing how quickly it gets dark down in the canyon. The high walls stop all light from penetrating, and even though it's twilight, it's nearly pitch dark down there. Even though it was only around 8pm at this point, it was dark, and everyone was exhausted from the long day of travel, we all went to bed. Our guides, Mark, Wren, Leigh, and Justin warned us we might get hot sleeping in the canyon, if so, we should dunk a shirt in the river and bring it up to cool off. The couldn't have been more wrong, it was quite frigid sleeping out there.

Overall, I give this day a rating of:

Modern technology is so cool! I have a handheld GPS unit that comes in really handy for tracking the many miles of activity I did in Grand Canyon. (It's also pretty good at making sure I don't get lost and die). I've used it to highlight the paths hiked through each park, as well as geo-tag the individual photographs taken.