Mount Rainier

6 days. Average of:

On approach to Seattle we saw the mountain looming to the south. It rose high above everything around it and was clearly visible from hundreds of miles out of Seattle. When we landed however, we didn't have that much luck. Low storm clouds kept everything covered. Gray skies were what we had to look forward to on the entire drive down.

When we got to the park fog had come in and surrounded the mountain. So thick was the envelope of fog that we had to drive very carefully and slowly, still we were treated to some wonderful views of the forest and waterfalls.

Overall, I give this day a rating of:

Modern technology is so cool! I have a handheld GPS unit that comes in really handy for tracking the many miles of activity I did in Mount Rainier. (It's also pretty good at making sure I don't get lost and die). I've used it to highlight the paths hiked through each park, as well as geo-tag the individual photographs taken.