New Zealand

With a seventeen hour time change it's hard to figure out just how long you've been flying. Especially after 3 flights, multiple hour long delays, and crossing the International Date line. Regardless, we made it to Auckland, exhausted, and missing our two checked baggs, but we're here.

After making a claim with the airline, we took a Taxi to our hotel. Given that it was just barely 9am, we weren't surprised that our room was not ready yet. This however gave us time to walk into town and look for new clothes. We ended up getting some for the day ahead and got a call just as we were wrapping up that our room was ready. After a shower and a change, it was barely 1pm, we walked down out by the harbor and looked for some lunch (airline food is good, but not filling). Mexican food was our first adventure in New Zealand, it was normal. We walked around the harbor, and explored a bit. We really weren't feeling much to be honest, we weren't tired, but we were just spent. We got a late dinner, then went back to our room to bed, hoping that our luggage would be there to greet us the next day.

Overall, I give this day a rating of:

Modern technology is so cool! I have a handheld GPS unit that comes in really handy for tracking the many miles of activity I did in New Zealand. (It's also pretty good at making sure I don't get lost and die). I've used it to highlight the paths hiked through each park, as well as geo-tag the individual photographs taken.